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Aid basics

Let’s start with the basics.

Aid resources | Receive aid, pay charges | Manage your money | Financial aid FAQs | Policies eligibility

Financial Aid, You and ASU

These short one- and two-minute videos outline all the financial aid options available to you.

I received my FAN, now what?

Your ASU Financial Aid Notification outlines your award package.

Let's talk scholarships.

Scholarships are available. In fact, all incoming ASU students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships.

Grants? Count me in!

Grants can be thought of like gifts — and you just need to submit your FAFSA.

Do I qualify for Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study allows you to earn money for college plus learn valuable job skills that will enhance your resume.

The low-down on loans.

Loans are available from federal and private sources.