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Why didn’t I receive my 1098-T?

If you did not receive an IRS Form 1098-T for the current calendar year, possible explanations are:

  • Arizona State University did not have a valid social security number on file for you. Call (480) 965-9834 to verify your social security number.
  • Arizona State University did not identify any information to report.  This would include having zero amounts for payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses, scholarship awards, adjustments to scholarship awards and adjustments for a prior year. See Explanation of IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Statement for more information regarding how paid tuition and related fees were determined. 
  • ASU did not have a current mailing address for you. Please ensure that your address information is up to date through My ASU.
  • You may have previously requested to only receive an electronic delivery notification when 1098-T statements are available.  Students who enroll for 1098-T electronic delivery will not recieve a 1098-T statement in the U.S. Mail.  Students are encouraged to review their delivery preferences annually and make updates if their preference has changed.

You can view your current or prior 1098-T forms online at any time by logging in to My ASU, selecting the "Finances" tab at the top of the page and selecting the "IRS 1098 T" option.  On the next screen, select the year you would like to view by clicking on the link available.