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What if I don’t have adequate funds in my bank account when I make an eCheck payment?

Your bank balance is not accessed at the time an eCheck payment is made. You are responsible for ensuring that adequate funds are available in your checking or savings account. Your eCheck payment will be accepted online and processed to your bank as described in the "When will my bank account be charged" question.

If funds are not available for the eCheck payment, or the account is invalid or closed, you will be notified by email one to three days after the original payment was made. When ASU is notified by our bank of the rejected eCheck payment, usually seven to ten days after payment was made, a charge will be posted to your account for the full amount of the rejected payment. An electronic notification will be sent to the address on file with ASU and a $25 returned eCheck fee will be charged on your student account.  See Returned Check Policy for additional information.


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