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Frequently Asked Questions - ASU Scholarship Portal

Portal applications open October 1 each year. Please continue to check back throughout the year as new listings are added.

Yes. Certain applications do require a resume, coversheet, and/or the submission of additional documents. For those applications, you will need to review the scholarship criteria and submit all of the requested documents in the ASU Scholarship Application Portal by the published deadline. You will not receive any reminders to complete these steps and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

If the scholarship that you are applying for requires letters of recommendation, you will be able to enter the names and email addresses of the individuals you would like to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Your reference will receive an email notification directing them to the page to submit their recommendation. You can view the status of your letter of recommendation requests for each academic year’s application by visiting your ASU Scholarship Portal and clicking on the "Recommendation requests" tab. You will have an option to send your recommender a reminder after two weeks.

Many of the scholarship application deadlines are in February and March each year; however, it is important that you review deadlines carefully as they do vary. Scholarship awards are very competitive and if you are selected, you will be notified by the awarding office noted in the scholarship listing. We ask that you please not contact the awarding office regarding the status of the review or to see if you have been selected as a scholarship recipient. Scholarship recipients are typically notified of selection in April and May.

The ASU Scholarship Application Portal collects your applications for several different scholarships, and saves your responses to common questions so that you don’t need to complete the information twice. There is no single application that you can complete; rather, you must choose which scholarships you wish to apply for and complete an application for each one. You can find a list of scholarships that have portal applications on our scholarship search.

An ASUrite user ID and password are required for you to sign into the ASU Scholarship Portal. Once logged in you can begin searching for scholarships you may be eligible for by clicking the "Search for Scholarships" link. Please note there are two places you can search: ASU scholarship portal and college listings.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, responses to each question are required for successful submission. Upon submission of your application, you should see one of two messages:

  1. If you successfully completed all required responses, you will see a message stating, "Your application was successfully submitted/saved." You will be routed to the ASU Scholarship Application Portal where you can edit your applications or search for additional scholarships.
  2. If you did not complete a required response, you will see an error message indicating which responses are missing, and the application will reload to highlight missing fields.

Remember that certain scholarships may require the submission of additional materials such as a letter of recommendation or a cover sheet. You must submit the supplemental materials in the portal by no later than the deadline listed on the scholarship (most are February 1 each year) for your application to be considered complete. You will not receive any reminders to complete these steps and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

You can edit an application until the submission deadline listed on the scholarship (most are February 1). Keep in mind that any changes to responses will result in updates to all of your responses to that same question in each of your applications. To edit your application, you must log in to the ASU Scholarship Application Portal ASURITE ID and password at

ASUrite User Id and/or password difficulties: Visit or call 1-855-278-5080.

Questions pertaining to the scholarship listing: Refer to the listing for contact information for that specific scholarship.

All other questions about the scholarship portal: Contact the Help Desk at 1-855-278-5080.

Beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year scholarship awards, the General Scholarship Application is no longer in use. The ASU Scholarship Portal has taken its place.