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Frequently Asked Questions - Scholarships

When a student applies to the university, their high school academic record is reviewed and based upon G.P.A., test scores, and class ranking he/she may be offered a scholarship.

To check your eligibility for a merit award, please visit ASU’s Scholarship Estimator. Please be aware this is an estimate and may not be an accurate reflection of your actual award.

ASU merit scholarships are awarded based on excellence in academics. To see if you may be eligible for a scholarship, visit ASU's Scholarship Estimator.

For freshmen, paying the enrollment deposit automatically accepts a university merit scholarship. Continuing students need to accept all scholarships and can be done through My ASU.

If you do not meet or exceed the renewal criteria by the end of each spring semester, you may review the following options to determine your eligibility:

  • Enroll in ASU summer session courses- If you need to complete additional ASU credit hours or increase your ASU cumulative GPA to meet renewal criteria, you can take summer classes to make up these deficiencies. If you do not meet renewal criteria after taking summer session courses, you may not file an appeal. It is your responsibility to work with your advisor to determine the feasibility of the ASU summer enrollment option.
  • Scholarship Appeal – for use if you are unable to utilize the summer option to meet criteria AND you experienced significant, extenuating circumstances beyond your control (such as an extended, serious medical emergency). Completed appeals must be submitted by no later than close of business on July 1. Late requests will not be accepted. If you experienced other challenges throughout the year, such as difficulty with classes, time management, work or family responsibilities, or other co-curricular commitments, be aware that these are not considered extenuating circumstances. In these cases, it is important to consult with your academic advisor to determine feasibility of the ASU summer enrollment option and utilize ASU resources earlier in the semester to ensure that you receive the guidance and assistance necessary to remain on track academically. Read more about the scholarship appeal process, examples of extenuating circumstances and the form. 

If your appeal is denied or if you do not meet renewal criteria after summer course work, your scholarship will not be reinstated and all remaining semester(s) of award will be forfeited. You must receive the award during consecutive fall & spring semester enrollment/completion, meet annual criteria requirements at the end of each spring semester. 

Please contact your admission team member at

Click here to view the deferment application and policy. Students may not attend another educational institution while on deferment.

When a student is ready to return to school after a deferment, he/she must submit a scholarship reinstatement request notifying the scholarship office that they will be returning to school. Completed requests must be submitted by no later than 30 days prior to the semester you are approved to return. In the case of an internship or mission deferment, the student must also submit proof of completion. If the student is returning from a medical deferment a note from the treating physician is needed. If the student is a National Merit Scholar they must also contact the National Merit Corporation. The reinstatement request and eligibility criteria can be found online at and is listed with online forms and publications.

No, only university eligible students receiving the Regents High Honors Endorsement (RHHE) scholarship may transfer their RHHE award to ASU under certain conditions. The scholarship will be awarded for the amount of tuition when the student would have entered the university. The RHHE transfer request form, which lists additional eligibility criteria, can be found online at

Scholarships are posted when the funds are received. Please contact the scholarship donor to establish the date when your scholarship funds will be sent to ASU.

New American University Scholarships are all awarded for up to eight semesters and will not be extended beyond eight semesters. These scholarships are awarded for fall and spring only.

Cumulative ASU GPA represents all of the grades you received while attending ASU. Scholarships are considered for renewal after the spring grades have been posted.

All scholarship checks should be mailed to: ASU Scholarship Office, PO Box 870412, Tempe AZ 85287-0412 along with a completed Scholarship Recipient form. The check needs to be made out to Arizona State University and the donor needs to include the student's name and ID number on the check or on attached documentation. Donors should specify which semester(s) the check should be applied to in addition to minimum enrollment hours for disbursement (full-time, half-time, less than half-time).

The Western Undergraduate Exchange(WUE) is a program coordinated by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Residents of western states (other than Arizona) may enroll in the ASU WUE program at a tuition rate of 150 percent of Arizona resident tuition plus all applicable fees. WUE students may be eligible for an ASU WUE merit-based scholarship, but are not eligible for other ASU non-resident university merit scholarships or grants. Students must apply to and enroll in one of the ASU WUE-eligible majors/programs. These scholarships are awarded by Undergraduate Admissions. Please contact Undergraduate Admissions at 480-965-3040.

No. If you complete your first undergraduate degree prior to your maximum award terms, you are only eligible to receive the one semester award for the term in which you graduate.