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Parents often inquire about their student's performance. What rights do they have in terms of access to student information?

This can be an extremely frustrating area for parents of traditionally aged students, particularly if the parents are paying the bills. Nonetheless, all FERPA rights transfer from the parent to the student when the student either reaches the age of eighteen or moves into postsecondary education, regardless of age. This means that you may not discuss anything about a student with a parent or spouse, unless you have advance written consent from the student, or can confirm that a formal consent for access or affidavit of dependency is on file and noted in the student information system (Peoplesoft).

Students can authorize their parents and others to view FERPA protected information in My ASU by granting them My ASU Parent Guest Access. If your position does not require that you have access to the student information system, please contact University Registrar Services to determine if the information can be disclosed. For students who have directed the university not to release their directory information, you may not even acknowledge that the student is present at ASU. There may be an occasional exception in the case of a legitimate emergency, but in that case law enforcement personnel will be involved, and they will work through the University Registrar Services office.