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My financial aid does not cover my costs, what are my other options?

If your financial aid does not cover your costs, the following options may be available to assist you with college expenses.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: There are a multitude of scholarships available to students who meet donor criteria. Visit to view a comprehensive list of available scholarships and application information. You can also use FastWeb, a scholarship search engine, to assist you in finding possible scholarship opportunities.
  • Student Employment: There are student employment opportunities right here on campus. The Student Employment Office is always ready to help a student find a job. We recommend that you visit to view all types of student job listings.
  • Parent PLUS Loans: Parents of dependent students may borrow Parent PLUS Loans. See for details.
  • Private Education Student Loans: These loans are educational loans offered by private lenders – usually banks. Visit for more info on private education student loans.