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I received an email about paying tuition and taking out a loan referencing ASU. Was this sent by ASU?

You may receive emails or other forms of communication regarding paying your tuition or taking out student loans that will take you to a non-ASU website.

Please be aware that these websites are not affiliated with ASU nor the ASU Financial aid and Scholarship Services Office. One example is a site hosted by a company called Simple Tuition, which is completely separate from and has no ties to ASU. The ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services Office had no input to the content of this website, and we cannot speak to the accuracy of the data represented. Additionally, Financial Aid and Scholarship Services did not provide ASU email addresses to this company.

As always, we strongly recommend you do your own research into your student loan options and verify all data you find directly with the student loan lenders you are considering. Only the lenders can verify the accuracy of any student loan data that is attributed to them.

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