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How does the ASU Third-Party Billing process work, and what documents are required?

To arrange for ASU to bill your approved governmental/third-party sponsor, please submit a Financial Guarantee Letter to the Student Accounts Office by the deadline on the Tuition and Billing Calendar.  ASU will only bill the Third Party Billing fee to the Sponsor if indicated on the Financial Guarantee Letter.

Within 5 business days of receipt of the Financial Guarantee Letter, ASU will place a "Third-Party Sponsor Credit" on your student account for the amount indicated on your Financial Guarantee Letter.  The "Third-Party Sponsor Credit" on your student account indicates that we have received your sponsorship documentation and that we will be issuing an invoice to your sponsoring agency during the semester.  It does not indicate that payment has been received from your sponsoring agency.

If the third-party sponsoring agency remits full payment as indicated on the ASU invoice, no further action is required from the student.  If full payment is not received from the sponsor, or if further information is needed, ASU will contact the student via their ASU e-mail.