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How do I know if I have successfully submitted my application?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, responses to each question are required for successful submission. Upon submission of your application, you should see one of two messages:

  1. If you successfully completed all required responses, you will see a message stating, "Your application was successfully submitted/saved." You will be routed to the ASU Scholarship Application Portal where you can edit your applications or search for additional scholarships.
  2. If you did not complete a required response, you will see an error message indicating which responses are missing, and the application will reload to highlight missing fields.

Remember that certain scholarships may require the submission of additional materials such as a letter of recommendation or a cover sheet. You must submit the supplemental materials in the portal by no later than the deadline listed on the scholarship (most are February 1 each year) for your application to be considered complete. You will not receive any reminders to complete these steps and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.