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How can my parents (or spouse, financial sponsor, etc.) get a copy of my grade report or tuition billing statement?

Important note to discuss with your parents/family: Once you have moved into postsecondary education, regardless of your age, all rights belong to you. Unlike your elementary school and high school experience, your parents and others have no inherent rights to access your education records. To avoid any misunderstandings, you are strongly encouraged to discuss this new aspect of educational rights with your family before beginning classes.

Three options are available:

  • The easiest and the recommended way is for you to print a copy from My ASU and share it with them.
  • You may grant your parent or family member My ASU Parent Guest Access, which is a tool that allows students to share FERPA-protected information with parents and guests.
  • If you are their tax dependent, your parents may provide a copy of their most recent U.S. tax return to document your tax dependent status, along with a notarized Affidavit of Dependency (form available from University Registrar Services), in order to view or obtain a copy of your records without your consent. Please note: We do not recommend this option — it is preferable that you maintain open lines of communication with your family about all aspects of your education, including your records and your grades.

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