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Does ASU sell student information, and will I receive a lot of junk mail as a result?

Yes and no. ASU does have a policy in place that controls the sale of releasable student information. However, it has been our experience that very few lists are sold — perhaps an average of four per year. It is quite likely that names and addresses of individuals who receive a lot of junk mail have been acquired in another manner. For example, the online ASU Directory is available free to anyone. As described above, all students who have not directed the university to limit the release of their directory information will be listed in that directory. Additionally, there are other non-university sources from which vendors and others may acquire student information.

If you believe that someone has inappropriately acquired your information from a university resource, you are strongly encouraged to notify University Registrar Services immediately. Please call Records Information at 480-965-3124 for assistance.


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