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Discover who you are and design where you’re going

Life by Design (ASU 294) is a powerful experience for any learner’s toolkit and an invaluable part of your learner journey. 

Living a meaningful life that is true to you is one of life’s greatest endeavors. And, it’s a process that can seem overwhelming and difficult to figure out. College offers you the opportunity to explore interests and find career paths that align to your genuine interests and personal goals. But, where do you start on this journey of self-discovery? Start with the Life by Design class. This course introduces you to the design thinking process — a strategy used by the world’s top designers to launch products and services — and applies that process to your individualized career and life plans. You’ll learn how aspects of your life that may feel disconnected (skills, ambition, interests, relationships, family needs, lifestyle, etc.) can and should work together in helping you discover careers that fit you. You’ll explore how the college experience — through majors, classes, experiential learning, networking and other student services — can support your journey. And, you’ll develop a growth mindset that helps you experiment, live creatively and develop self-confidence. You’ll leave the class understanding that finding career success and life meaning is not a destination, but a process that you’ll be designing throughout your life.

Examples of what you’ll do in Life by Design

  • Design thinking.

  • Building a supportive network.

  • Exploring how you naturally learn through experience and reflection.

  • Exploring yourself: strengths, values, motivations.

  • Tapping into flow states.

  • Building mind maps, articulating purpose.


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