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High School Counselor Financial Aid Toolbox

Additional resources

Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? There’s a good chance that if we haven’t covered it, there are additional resources that do. Explore the links below that offer tips, solutions, and all that you need to provide the best assistance possible for completing the FAFSA, earning federal student aid, and how to make paying for college as simple as possible for your students and parents.

Federal Student Aid

Visit the Federal Student Aid website to learn more about how you can help students and parents prepare for their next steps. This guide will equip you with federal student aid information and tools to support all of your students' needs.

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Tip sheets for unique populations

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators recognizes that applying for financial aid can be especially challenging for nontraditional students. Luckily for your students, they’ve provided four great documents to simplify the financial aid process for these audiences. Each document is designed to advocate for and support these student populations and make applying for aid simpler than ever.

The information in these sheets is intended for the following unique student populations:

Wards of the court, foster youth, single parents and more
Adult learners
Military and veterans
Undocumented students

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