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Changing Majors

Major Selection: Finding the Right Fit

Choosing a major that fits your career and academic goals requires careful consideration and exploration. ASU has several online and in-person resources to help you find a major that matches your talents, interests and career goals. Degree Search offers search and browsing features as well as comparative tools. The Career and Professional Development Center hosts workshops and appointments on career and major exploration, including online advising options. The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, which houses the exploratory plans, also offers a number of major exploration services as well as offers advising to all ASU students to explore possible majors and find the right fit.

Changing Your Major

If you have decided that your current major is no longer matching your academic and career goals and you want to explore other majors, you are encouraged to give careful consideration to all of your options and use ASU resources to help make your decision. Once you have decided, the processes are discussed below.

Major and Career Exploration Tools

ASU has a number of resources to help you find the right fit.

Degree Search

Search or browse ASU's undergraduate majors, minors and certificates. While here, run a “What If” audit to see how your classes fit in to the new degree requirements.


While on the Degree Search site, click on “Play the game” to play a unique 60 image game that helps assess your interest areas and matches them to careers and ASU majors. You can also compare your options and major maps.

Career and Professional Development Center

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) has resources to meet your career and major exploration needs. CPDC hosts in-person and online exploration appointments to discuss your career interests and which major would fit those interests. CPDC also hosts in-person and online workshops to facilitate your exploration process.

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Designed to support exploratory majors, the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts also offers major and career exploration tools for the entire university community. You can take UNI 150: Major and Career Exploration or meet with an academic advisor to help assess your options.

Changing Your Major

Newly admitted and re-admitted students prior to registration/orientation: If, after you are admitted, you find you would like to change your major, please fill out the major change application prior to seeking advising/registering for classes or attending freshman orientation, which is organized by major. Note that certain schools have higher admission requirements.

Continuing undergraduate students: Contact an advisor in the major you are interested in pursuing to determine eligibility and to complete the change of major process. Remember that many majors have GPA and other requirements for eligibility to pursue that major. See the advising directory.

Graduate students: A change from one graduate degree program to another requires a new application to the Graduate Education. The usual admission procedures are followed. For additional information, contact Graduate Admissions, 480-965-6113.