Changing Majors



Major Selection: Finding the Right Fit


Finding the major that is the right fit is easy for some students; others need more time to find one that is the right fit. ASU has resources to help you find a major that matches your talents and interests and your ultimate career goals. Degree Search offers search and browsing features as well as comparative tools. Career Services hosts workshops on career and major exploration. The School of Letters and Sciences, which houses the exploratory major, also offers a number of major exploration services.The academic success specialists in the School of Letters and Sciences are available to help all ASU students explore possible majors and find the right fit.

Changing Your Major

Newly admitted and re-admitted students prior to registration/orientation: If, after you are admitted, you find you would like to change your major, please fill out the major change application prior to seeking advising/registering for classes or attending freshman orientation, which is organized by major. Note that certain schools have higher admission requirements.

Continuing undergraduate students: Contact an advisor in the major you are interested in pursuing to determine eligibility and to complete the change of major process. Remember that many majors have GPA and other requirements for eligibility to pursue that major. (There are no change of campus requirements, only from major to major.) See the advising directory.

Graduate students: A change from one graduate degree program to another requires a new application to the Graduate College. The usual admission procedures are followed. For additional information, contact Graduate Admissions, 480-965-6113.