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Brain function and food research study

We are a team of researchers in the College of Health Solutions who are examining how food and food access are related to brain function among college students.

We are seeking full-time ASU undergraduate students (ages 18-25) to participate in our study.

If you qualify for your study, you will be invited to Banner Health in Phoenix for a functional MRI (brain scan) to record brain activity during cognitive function tasks. Before your brain scan, you will complete a survey on food access and health behaviors.

Your appointment will end after both the brain scan and survey have been completed. We have adapted our protocols to enable as much as possible at home prior to your full study participation. The full study at Banner should take a total of two hours.

To compensate participants, you will receive a $20 gift card immediately after your participation and a picture of your brain scan once the entire study is concluded.

Please complete this brief survey to see if you are eligible to participate.

Participation is voluntary.

Please direct all inquiries to

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